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Thank you for voting us the best place to buy an engagement ring. We love working with you one-on-one to design and make unique rings in-house. Every ring is crafted specifically for you and for less money than it would cost anywhere else. Visit Ron or John George today and begin crafting your own exquisite engagement ring!

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We carry a trendy assortment of engagement rings, hand-selected by Ron George for their quality, craftsmenship and value. Recieve a free setting service when you choose any empty ring setting and match it with one of our loose diamonds. Also, receive a free diamond education just by stopping in, no purchase necessary.

Special Orders & Lay-a-Way

In addition to our inventory of engagement rings, we carry 1,000s of cataloged ring styles. Looking for a particular ring or design? We help you navigate the entire market finding you what your looking for. We also offer a great lay-a-way program for your convenience, allowing you to pay over time.

Our Unique Service

Our family has been creating the perfect rings for couples since 1991. We are sought by those looking for true artistry and craftsmenship in their jewelry. As an alternative to brand-name retailers, our joy comes not from sales but through the love of what we do as local artists and craftsmen.

Through wholesale, design and custom work we cut out the middle men, bringing you the best values on all of our rings. At Ron George Jewelers you and your needs come first. Your satisfaction with our work, artistry, and prices is the foundation to our success.

"Nothing says 'I love you' more than an engagement ring crafted exclusively with your bride in mind. She will notice the loving thought you put into the design of the ring and the careful choice of the center stone. A unique ring that compliments her hand and personality; such a ring will whisper 'I love you' each time she looks upon it for all the years of her life."
- Designer Ron George

Custom at our Core

Custom at our core, we offer the best custom ring services. From CADs and custom modifications too hand-crafted rings and high-end engagement designs, we do it all. With more custom jewelry services than others, we ensure you receive the absolute best value on your custom engagement ring.

Hand-Crafted Designs

More than jewelers, we are leading designers and master goldsmiths. We know not only how to design beautiful jewelry that stands the test of time but how to do it by hand and for a great price. The area's most experienced designers, we are here to serve you and all of your engagement design needs at no extra charge.

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The Ron George Brand,
Born in Annapolis and worn around the world.

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Antique Diamond Engagement Ring

Antique Rings

Antique, Victorian and Edwardian rings were made in a period of history when metals were expensive but labor was cheap. Thus, two to four sides of the ring would have hand-cut designs of open filigree work, often in platinum. Such filigree work saved precious metal for other pieces while displaying hours of carefully crafted work. The rings often had hand engraved floral or leaf designs to further compliment the pieces, making one admire every part of the ring.

Diamond Sapphire Engagement Ring

Traditional Rings

A traditional ring puts more emphasis on the main stone and keeps the ring simple. The ring can be a solitaire (no side stones) or it may have smaller side stones that may be channel, bead, or shared-prongs set down the shank of the ring. Traditional three stone rings have always been popular with the center stone slightly larger than the two side diamonds. Besides diamonds, one may choose sapphires or rubies to replace the two side stones. These are durable precious stones and if they are of top rich quality and color will show a beautiful contrast with the center diamond.

Contemporary Custom Diamond Engagement Ring

Contemporary Rings

This style is often misunderstood by jewelry "designers" with no hands on experience working in the jewelry service industry. They often make heavy rings with stones set too high or set dangerously precarious. However, when done correctly, contemporary rings can actually be a strong and a safe choice for daily wear and active women. You also have the option of mixing styles, such as traditional and contemporary (pictured left), into one unique design.

Engagement Ring Center Diamond


Where to Start

It is common practice to spend the equivalent of a two month salary on an engagement ring. The center diamond usually makes up the majority of a ring's cost. Understanding how diamond grading works will save you money when searching for a diamond that matches your needs. Diamonds are graded in the following four catagories: color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. These catagories are commonly refered to as the "4Cs". Learn more about the 4Cs and how diamonds are graded by visiting our Diamonds Page.

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